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To find yourself,
it helps to have a map.
There's milk.
And then there's Oakhurst.
Perhaps it's time
for a new conversation.
Meet the Godfather.
Of Maple.
What’s LAME about a
2,000% increase in web traffic?

An All Natural Makeover
Our Approach See Work See Work See Campaign See Campaign See Work
Finding your way as a brand isn’t easy. Which path is right, and what’s the best way to get there? As a full-service branding agency, Ethos will help you chart a course to success. We’ll draw up a brand plan — a road map if you will — and help you to craft a brand promise that is grounded in your company’s core truths. From concept to completion, Ethos will help you find your way.
Ethos… Seek substance.
Some people think milk is just milk. But Oakhurst customers know differently. For years this family dairy has provided wholesome, healthy products and done right by our community. So when Oakhurst chose Ethos as their agency, we promised to get consumers to stand up for them. We tripled their Facebook likes within a week and launched a campaign to remind consumers they have a choice. Because there’s milk. And then there’s Oakhurst. 
What’s not to love about business insurance? Unexplained benefits, complicated claims, last-minute increases and no real options to consider when it comes time to renew. It’s the same old excuses from your broker — “it’s out of my control, there’s nothing I can do, this is just the way it is.”
Really? Maybe it’s time to talk with Norton.
When you meet Arnold Coombs, 7th generation maple farmer and Bascom Family Farms GM, the “Godfather” isn’t exactly what comes to mind. But when Arnold asked Ethos to revamp the Bascom brands and formulate a market strategy worthy of a leader — we knew the tongue in cheek “Talk with the Arnold” trade campaign would get buyers listening. It did. The company’s Coombs Family Farms is now the leading organic maple brand.
How do you talk to teenagers about the risks associated with getting really hammered? Let them do the talking. Through research and on-the-scene interviews with teen drinkers, we identified ways to communicate effectively with our target. The resulting YB LAME campaign increased the client’s web traffic by over 2000% and brought Vermont recognition — and renewed Federal funding for this important social marketing campaign.
Ethos refocused this leading natural foods distributor’s brand to better reflect where the company’s heart was — growing the natural and specialty foods category, and supporting sustainability. UNFI dug our vibe and later hired us to rebrand their Blue Marble Brands division and their successful Field Day private label offering.