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Finding the right health insurance is a daunting task. And when you’re a small Maine nonprofit health insurance provider going up against Goliath-like competitors, it can be hard to get your message heard.

Going up against the Goliaths of health care

That was the situation Community Health Options found itself in when it came to Ethos in 2021. A small window of opportunity to enroll more Members had opened as the American Rescue Act provided a new 6-month special enrollment period to sign up for American Care Act (ACA) health insurance.

Video Still for CHO Special Enrollment Period

In addition, the American Rescue Act made it possible for more people to qualify for help paying for coverage, even those who weren’t eligible in the past. And, with the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, many people without health insurance were rethinking their need for it.

Mainers helping Mainers

So, what did we do? We created a campaign centered around driving Mainers to a new landing page dedicated to helping them make sense of health insurance options.

The fully integrated campaign included tv, radio, display ads, and social ads and promoted posts. The ads targeted two audiences— a younger audience who had never bought health insurance before and a pre-retirement group who had either lost or left their job and needed new health insurance. In addition, high impact postcards were dropped in high opportunity geographic locations.

Putting people over profits

Success! Community Health Options reached its goal for new member sign-ups. Even better, they didn’t experience a drop-off of existing members who may have shopped the market during the special enrollment period. It seems that with the right tools, small companies can totally go up against larger competitors.

Video Still for CHO Special Enrollment Period