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If a brand is a living thing, it grows and evolves over time—and learns from experience. That’s the situation Norway Savings Bank found itself in in the wake of a global pandemic and other global challenges. It was time to hit the reset button.  

The Bank turned to long-term partner Ethos|VONT, who knew that because core truths don’t change—Norway Savings was still about treating customers like an individual, not a number—a full brand overhaul was not needed, or recommended. What was needed instead was a turn of the message dial towards something more welcoming.

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For the Life You Choose

After learning what the bank felt was and wasn’t working, we combined secondary research with internal feedback and translated those insights into a new message that could be executed across the Bank’s various business lines—brand, retail, commercial, asset management, and recruitment & team member experience.

The first step? A brand book including messaging and visuals that each of Norway Savings business lines can use to speak to their unique audiences. 

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For the Milestones and Everything In Between

But having a message is just the start. Next up? Translating it into each of the touchpoints Norway Savings has with its various audiences. And there were many—retail cash-back envelopes, commercial loan information folders, recruitment collateral, mortgage videos, radio and TV spots, digital advertising, and more. The end result was a bank that spoke in one voice, across a myriad of platforms.

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Helping You Do You

Lastly, the website was completely redesigned to make it easier for users to understand Norway Savings’ breadth of services.

It incorporates local and regional SEO tactics to increase the Bank’s authority and ranking for key services, such as mortgages, HELOCs, and more. In addition, the new site redesign includes optimized landing pages that are key to digital advertising campaigns and uses a contemporary code-base that increases the Bank’s ability to easily make updates and develop new pages in the future.

The Results?

While the website has just launched and the brand continues to roll out across the territory, early results of the brand evolution are positive—despite a challenging banking environment. The website is performing well in terms of local search visibility, ranking on the first page of local search for a number of critical terms. Customers and employees are responding positively to the new brand, and the Norway Savings Bank team is excited about the work—ready for whatever the future brings.

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