Breaking barriers. Raising the bar. Exceeding expectations.

The NextGen College Investing Plan is a fantastic way for friends and family of Maine children to help ease the burden of student debt taken on with continuing education after high school. But only about 14% of Maine families were opening NextGen accounts and even fewer make regular contributions to the account. And now? Well now, that number is changing.


Changing behavior.

Ask any Social Marketing Expert (yeah, that would be us) what it takes to change behavior. They’ll tell you to make it relevant and fun by reinforcing the target audiences’ values; make it popular by showing the behavior change as the norm; and make it easy by promoting behaviors that they CAN do. Our charge is to get parents (and grandparents, aunts and uncles) to invest in their child’s future education. We crafted a simple emotional appeal – Invest in ME – featuring real Maine kids. It worked.

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At the end of our first year of the campaign, we saw dramatic results: