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Garelick Farms® is 100% farmer-owned and is among the largest regional dairies in the United States, working with local farmers throughout New England to bring fresh milk and cream to the communities they serve. Despite its regional prominence, the brand had been largely unsupported in recent history. While consumers trusted the brand, they lacked the emotional connection needed to compete in a category prone to commoditization—after all, isn’t all milk the same?
Enter Ethos|VONT and a brand relaunch campaign built around… doing good.

Finding a reason to believe

We began by taking a good hard look at Garelick Farms and saw a company that believed in the power of local and in taking care of its communities. Garelick’s family farmers  produce milk within 100 miles of home, which means the milk is fresher, better tasting, and uses fewer natural resources. 

To bring the brand forward, we needed to shine a light on their commitment to community, with a tangible reason to believe. The end result? A partnership with regional food banks, in which Garelick donates one carton of milk to a local child in need—up to 432,000 cartons per year.

Before we brought their charitable activity to the forefront, however, we had another task, and another opportunity—re-introducing the brand in a fun, engaging way for the locals that made it all possible.

What’s in a name?

For over 90 years, Garelick Farms has worked tirelessly to deliver the freshest milk. And for over 90 years, the people of Southern New England have worked equally hard… trying to pronounce the name. 

In the concept “What’s in a Name?”, we (playfully) explore all of the creative ways consumers pronounce Garelick (and there are many), while underscoring the values that exist at the core of Garelick—local milk from less than 100 miles away and milk cartons for local kids every time a gallon of milk is bought. Tik Tok influencers were brought in to add to the fun—and help spread the word.

Local Milk. Lotta Good.

We then implemented a brand awareness campaign that included TV spots, billboards, in-store signage, social promotions, shopper marketing, and charitable content. While the campaign has only just launched, it looks like knowing that purchasing a gallon of local milk that tastes great and supports the community has really hit home with consumers.

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