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All In. Always.

With the global Covid pandemic hitting just as Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) was approaching it’s 75th anniversary, the college came to Ethos for guidance in how to celebrate the milestone while acknowledging the difficulties people were experiencing.

In addition, with the pandemic causing students to rethink their path to higher education, it seemed every educational institution out there was trying to retool and tout its ability to prepare students for the workforce—something SMCC was literally created for back in 1946. Was there a way to remind students that SMCC has always been an innovative institution focused on career-driven outcomes?

Video Still for

In a heartfelt answer,  Ethos produced two compelling videos—one long and one short—that draw on SMCC’s oceanside location and build on the phrase, “A rising tide raises all boats”. The videos elegantly recognize the global situation and, as one of the nation’s oldest community colleges, SMCC’s long history of providing skills to those seeking them.

In addition to the videos, Ethos created a special 75th anniversary logo and has plans for a gala to be held after the pandemic is over.